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Creative Arts - Drama

Creative Arts – What Children Learn in Drama?

In Drama, students develop knowledge, skills and understanding in making drama collaboratively

by taking on roles and creating imagined situations shaped by the elements of drama, and in performing

drama by actively engaging in drama forms (for example mime, puppetry, storytelling).

They also develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in appreciating their own dramatic

works and those of others.

How Can Parents Help?

¿¿ keep a dress-up box handy for your child to use in creating make-believe situations encourage

your child to listen to and retell stories.

¿¿ talk with your child about the atmosphere and characters created for TV programs, including

children's shows, cartoons, mysteries and adventures

¿¿ join in role-plays and encourage your child to invent make-believe characters

¿¿ encourage your child to make drama based on experiences in their own life, and to perform

these at home

¿¿ play charades with your child based on shared experiences and interests

¿¿ where opportunities arise, encourage your child to meet actors, attend drama and theatre

performances and discuss these events.

Peter Johnson - PRINCIPAL